President Bush: How about stepping up to the plate for America?

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Published on September 08, 2009 with No Comments

It seems that President Obama is under attack from the extreme right wing of the Republican Party and by the right wing media jockeys and a few wing nuts like Glen Beck. Debate and controversy have been an integral part of the political process since the beginning of days of the colonies on North America. What has happened in my lifetime is that the parties are so different now that the losers of the last election have become rabid foes of everything that Obama stands for. I have a feeling that a lot of the animosity toward Obama is that he is Black, has lived abroad, and has a Muslim middle name. Full stop. What the Republicans fail to realize is that if Hillary Clinton had won the nomination from the Democrats and won against McCain, much of the animosity toward Obama would have been directed at her. The white male Christian dominance of the presidency has ended. Where are the ex-Presidents in all of this? Why has George W. Bush been so silent? It would be presidential for ex-President Bush to call on the American public to return to civility in their debates over policy and politics. This could go a long way toward rehabilitating his image if he were to take the high road and call on extremists to ratchet down the hostile, nasty rhetoric. By doing so, he would not be providing support to one side or another, but he’d be calling for open and fair debate where both sides listen to each other, learn from each other and at the end of the day come together to support the ideals of our forefathers. The extremists are inflaming the public with half-truths and even downright lies. Remember the slogan “united we stand. Divided we fail”. It seems extremists are willing to destroy the country in order to save it!

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