Words of Wisdom from the Flat Earth US Congress

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Published on August 04, 2011 with 2 Comments

Senator Inhoff (R-Oklahoma) has been an outspoken critic of the global science consensus (not unanimity) on the human contribution to global warming of the atmosphere. there is nothing that can be said or discovered that would get him to change his view. By calling it a hoax he suggests that the scientific community is out to lie to the public for its financial benefit. Hogwash I say. his stance on global warming is equivalent to those people centuries ago who thought the earth was flat. it seems their ancestors are alive and well in the US tea party wing of Congress.

Global Warming Ostriches take over US Congress 2011

Global Warming Ostriches take over US Congress 2011

NB: Cartoon is from Photo Credit: Pett, Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, Cartoonists and Writers Syndicate, for USA TODAY


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  1. If only the global predicament, the ominously looming and enlarging threat to everything that really matters was a laughing matter, that would be the best thing. If only the human family was not primary inducers and drivers of this colossal predicament, and therefore principally responsible for it; if only the many too many leaders who understand precisely what it is that we are discussing now here did not willfully deny science and consciously choose silence over speech. That too, would be the best thing.

    Thanks to all for speaking out, and for your willingness to consider the ideas that are presented here. More than ever before and most of all, I fear that the silence instilled in many too many by the greedmongers who rule the world in our time is leading to the destruction of everything each one of us is striving somehow, in any way at all, to protect and preserve.

    • We face a colossal, human-induced global predicament. Emerging and
      converging ecological challenges we have chosen to ignore rather than
      acknowledge during my lifetime is in large part the result of the way
      silence is employed by ‘the powers that be’ and their minions to
      prevail over science. Hysterical blindness, willful deafness and elective
      mutism of knowledgeable human beings with feet of clay rule the world every
      bit as much as malignant narcissism, pathological arrogance and extreme
      foolishness of greedmongering masters of the universe rule the world. This
      pernicious situation is as intolerable as it is dangerous to future human
      well being and environmental health.

      Please consider that during my lifetime, when human numbers exploded from
      less than 3 billion to more than 7 billion worldwide, many experts may not
      have known enough about what they were talking about when they spoke of
      human population dynamics and all causes of the human overpopulation of
      Earth. Their research appears not to be scientific. What I have been trying
      to communicate regarding the human population does not issue from
      ideological or totalitarian thinking, or from group-think consensus for
      that matter. It is not derived from what is politically convenient,
      economically expedient, socially agreeable, religiously tolerable and
      culturally prescribed. I have wanted to openly discuss the best available
      science. That is all. It appears the generally accepted thinking of a
      surprisingly large number of so-called experts in the field of population
      dynamics appears to have an unscientific foundation. Their preternatural
      thought and theorizing about the population dynamics of the human species
      appears to be both incomplete and mistaken. Most disquieting of all, a
      widely shared and consensually validated theory about a demographic
      transition four decades from now is directly contradicted by unchallenged
      scientific research. As a consequence, and it is a pernicious consequence,
      woefully inadequate thinking and fundamentally flawed theorizing has been
      broadcast during my life cycle and continues to be broadcast everywhere by
      the mainstream media as if it is not only science but the best available
      scientific evidence. The implications of this unfortunate behavior,
      inasmuch as it appears to be based upon a colossal misperception of what
      could somehow be real regarding the human population, appear profound. This
      failure of nerve has served to slow momentum needed for a confrontation with
      a formidable global predicament that appears to become more difficult to
      overcome year by year.

      In their elective mutism regarding an astonishing error, are first class
      professional researchers with expertise in population dynamics behaving
      badly by allowing the “ninety-nine percenters” to be misguided and led
      down a primrose path by the “one percenters”? The power of silence on
      the part of knowledgeable human beings with feet of clay is dangerous
      because research is being denied that appears to shed light upon a dark,
      non-recursive biological problem, the understanding of which appears vital
      to future human well being and environmental health. Too many experts
      appear to be ignoring science regarding the human population and instead
      consciously through their silence consenting to the leviathan scale and
      unbridled expansion of global overproduction, overconsumption and
      overpopulation activities that are being adamantly advocated and
      relentlessly pursued by greedmongering masters of the universe, the tiny
      minority among us who are primarily responsible for ravaging the Earth,
      ruining its environs and reducing its fitness for habitation by the
      children. If this assessment of human behavior is indeed a fair
      representation of what is happening on our watch, then the desire to
      preserve the status quo, mainly the selfish interests of ‘the powers that
      be’, could be at least one basis for so much intellectually dishonest and
      morally bereft behavior. Could it be that the outrageous per capita
      overconsumption, large-scale corporate overproduction and unrestricted
      overpopulation activities of the human species worldwide cannot continue
      much longer on a planet with the size, composition and ecology of a finite
      and frangible planet like Earth?

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