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Central Asia

China's "Eco-Generation" is Alive, Well, and Concerned: H.I.T. and Climate Affairs (7/2/07)

China and Its Polluted Environment: It's Not Easy Turning Green (4/19/07)

The Muddle East: AKA The Middle East 2006 (2/23/07)

Water Affairs in Vietnam (12/11/06)

Lake Chad and the Aral Sea: A Sad Tale of Two Lakes (09/09/04)

The Greening of Uzbekistan (08/21/03)

Between Iraq and a Hard Place (02/18/03)

ESIG ALERT: Development of a Desert Affairs Center in Western China (11/18/02)

ESIG ALERT: Water, Climate, And Development Issues In The Amudarya Basin (10/08/02)

Global Environmental Problems in the Caspian Region (03/31/00)

Caviar from the Caspian .... To Be or Not To Be (06/11/97)

Diverting Russian Rivers: An Idea That Won't Die (10/09/95)

In Central Asia: A Sea Dies, A Sea Also Rises (11/10/94)