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List Of Articles By Date

Climate Change confronts Human Nature: Adapting to an “adaptation mentality” (5 August 2009)

A message to Iran’s government from a nobody (6/22/09)

Revisiting the question "Who will feed China?"
(followed by "Who will feed Africa?" and by "Who will feed the US")

No Disaster Recommendations without Ramifications (5/24/09)

A rose by any other name is still a rose.
Similarly, the Republic of Macedonia by any other name is still the Republic of Macedonia.

Climate Change, 2020, and the notion of ‘the new black’ (4/1/09)

Capacity Building by Proxy: Putting African development on a faster and cheaper track (3/2/09)

The times, they are a-changin', and not just for the climate (12/1/08)

People-Focused Biofuels Development in Africa (guest editorial, Tsegay Wolde-Georgis, 11/20/08)

NCAR and NSF: Please, Tear Down This Wall! (8/28/08)

OPEC Move Over: The "Green-Eyed Sheiks" are Coming to Town (7/14/08)

Biopiracy in the 21st Century: Food Security or Food Imperialism? (6/27/08)

Got Food? Food insecurity all over again! (6/17/08)

Resilient adaptation: Adjusting to a changing climate over time (4/28/08)

Food insecurity: Some ground realities in Orissa context (3/21/08)

Food security and the surge toward biofuels … and food insecurity? (2/25/08)

After the Fall: Global Warming and Disappearing Seasons (11/16/07)

Reversal of Fortune: Nature Is No Longer Our Hostage (11/12/07)

Move On dot Climate Skeptics (10/1/07)

Oh! What a Lovely Climate Change: Global Warming's Winners and Losers (8/21/07)

You say "poh-tay-to" and I say "poh-tah-to." You say "El Niño" and I say "interannual changes in the sea surface temperature in the tropical Pacific Ocean." Oh, let's call the whole thing off! (8/18/07)

"Pheew!" on the New York Times and Pew Center Poll about Improvement of Life in Africa (8/1/07)

The Emperor's new Clothes: Is President Bush America's New Emperor? (7/7/07)

Mr. Secretary General Ban: Genocide in Darfur is NOT Because of Global Warming (7/3/07)

China's "Eco-Generation" is Alive, Well, and Concerned: H.I.T. and Climate Affairs (7/2/07)

USABLE Science vs. Usable SCIENCE: Scientists, Choose Your Weapon (5/17/07)

China and Its Polluted Environment: It's Not Easy Turning Green (4/19/07)

The Muddle East: a.k.a. The Middle East 2006 (2/23/07)

Forecasting El Niño's Impacts on TV: Best Estimates or Pandering to the Public? (2/9/07)

Lost in Translation: Society's "Adaptation" to Climate Change (2/1/07)

Left Turn, Right Turn, Downturn: Politics in America (1/30/07)

Water Affairs in Vietnam (12/11/06)

Why Arresting Charles Taylor is a Big Step for Africa's Future (11/29/06)

What do Africa and Alaska Have in Common? At First Thought, Nothing... But... (10/11/06)

Global Warming and Coastal Deltas: Is The Netherlands Europe's Bangladesh? (9/29/06)

An Inconvenient Gore (7/10/06)

Africans, African-Americans, and Climate Impacts (7/7/06)

A Beautiful Wreck: New Orleans Nine Months Later (Sandy A. Johnson) (7/3/06)

Is Global Warming the Ultimate Reality Show? (6/23/06)

Una iniciativa en “El Niño Affairs” para las comunidades de Latinoamérica:
Una necesidad imperiosa
(Lino Naranjo Diaz) (6/21/06)

Global Warming: Whose Problem Is It Anyway? (6/15/06)

Why Americans Don't Riot: the Davies J-Curve, Yet Again (6/1/06)

How About a Spare Time University for Sub-Saharan Africa? (5/15/06)

Looking Back to Look Ahead: Using New Techniques to Assess Old Hypotheses (3/29/06)

The Future Has Arrived Earlier Than Predicted: Take Global Warming, For Example (2/13/06)

The Perfect "Storm Scenario": The Hurricane Pam Exercise (2/1/06)

Weather- and Climate-Proofing: Dreaming the Impossible Dream (1/20/06)

The Boy Who Cried Wolf... and the Global Warming Debate (12/20/05)

Humpty Dumpty and the Climate System: A Weighty Analogy (12/19/05)

Center Of, By, and For African Excellence: Climate, Water, and Weather Affairs (12/12/05)

Hurricane Katrina Rekindles Thoughts About Fallacies of a So-Called "Natural" Disaster (11/21/05)

How Much Weather News Can America Stand? (10/17/05)

Climate Surprises That Shouldn't Be Surprising (10/10/05)

How Americans See Africa: Through Their Rear View Mirrors (09/13/05)

Hurricane Katrina Exposes a Myth about Vulnerability to Climate and Weather (09/02/05)

Uncertainty Regarding Global Warming No Longer an Excuse for Inaction (guest editorial, Eric Udelhofen) (08/22/05)

The People and Pollution of Copsa Mica (guest editorial, Eric Udelhofen) (07/22/05)

What Comes Next? The MJO Effect? (guest editorial, Abraham Levy) (06/24/05)

White Gold for All: International River Development in Southern Africa, Naho Mirumachi, University of Tokyo (06/16/05)

Winner Take Nothing (04/29/05)

What Makes Good Climates Go Bad? (04/11/05) (Geotimes article)

Is There a Lightning Rod on the White House? (04/06/05)

Is the Human Population Bomb Exploding Now? (guest editorial) (03/22/05)

Climate Change (That Is, Global Warming) and Sub-Saharan Africa (03/02/05)

An African Renaissance: Mali (guest editorial) (01/31/05)

Michael Glantz was interviewed here about the recent tsunami: The Hindu Business Line "US Scientist Questions Utility of Costly Early Warning Systems" (1/5/05)

If You Don't Pay, You Don't Get to Play: the US and Kyoto (12/21/04)

Climate and HIV/AIDS: A Hotspots Analysis for Early Warning (11/04/04)

Superstorms, Climate Change, and Superstorm Seasons (09/23/04)

Lake Chad and the Aral Sea: A Sad Tale of Two Lakes (09/09/04)

Africa is in a "C" of Troubles (09/02/04)

Of Climate, Mice, and Men (08/25/04)

There's Something Fishy About the Swift Boat Ads (08/22/04)

Use Radio Waves to Bridge the Digital Divide in Africa (08/18/04)

Nader's Neo-Raiders: The Times, They Are A-Changin' (08/03/04)

I Owe John Wayne an Apology (07/21/04)

Ginger Rogers and the Climate System (05/07/04)

Risky Buildings, Building Risk (04/07/04)

Societal Aspects of High-Impact Weather and Climate: A Focus on SuperStorms (03/31/04)

Island Affairs (02/04/04)

Iraq is not Vietnam, but …what about Chechnya? (01/09/04)

Ants, Lemmings, Ostriches, or Sheep? (12/19/03)

Sierra Leone and the United States: The Same Voyage (12/17/03)

Déjà vu All Over Again … But It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way (12/1/03)

To Sign or not to sign: Kyoto Protocol, Russia and Bush's 2004 re-election bid (11/24/03)

Do We Need Nature? (11/19/03)

Illegal logging and floods in Indonesia: Are Orangutans the Only Witnesses? (11/05/03)

From 59 to 60: What a Difference a Year Makes (08/21/03)

The Greening of Uzbekistan (08/21/03)

The Buck stops ... Where? (07/14/03)

"Hawks, Doves, Owls ... and Other Birds" (07/2/03)

"Davies J-Curve Revisited" (06/27/03)

"Whither thou goest..." (04/16/03)

Problem Climates or Problem Societies? (04/15/03)

Between Iraq and a Hard Place (02/18/03)

Burning Hot Issues Arise from Australia's Worst Drought (01/29/03)

The Prestige Disaster and the Weather Connection (12/18/02)

El Niño Hotspots (12/05/02)

ESIG ALERT: Development of a Desert Affairs Center in Western China (11/18/02)

ESIG ALERT: Water, Climate, And Development Issues In The Amudarya Basin (10/08/02)

E-mails are from Mars, Letters are from Venus (08/14/02)

Who to Audit? Mickey Glantz or WorldCom? (07/01/02)

Rethinking the IPCC: Is It Time? (05/15/02)

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same… But Then…There's Deep Climate Change (05/06/02)

Climate Change Or Not? Is That the Question? (04/01/02)

Ready-Set-Go! The 2002 El Niño Forecast Olympics is About to Get Under Way (02/12/02)

Saudi Summer (01/22/02)

Stamping Out Environmental Disasters (01/03/02)

Can Terrorists Be Too Successful? (09/19/01)

Lab Rats of the World Unite! (06/07/01)

Can Snoopy Bring Down a Plane? (06/06/01)

Global Warming Yea-sayers & Naysayers: Time to Bridge the Gap? (03/13/01)

Tibet and the 1997-98 El Niño (03/12/01)

Out with the Old, In with the New (09/02/00)

Global Environmental Problems in the Caspian Region (03/31/00)

Politics and Climate Change: A Game of COPs and Robbers (02/25/00)

Repatriating Elian Gonzalez: What's Hitler Got To Do With It? (01/26/00)

Demonstration in Cuba (01/14/00)

Dagestan: A Trip Report (01/04/00)

Romancing El Niño (10/26/99)

Down with Earth Day! Up with Earth Year! (05/19/99)

Are Governments Responsible for their Inactions? (05/18/99)

Chico Mendez Website (04/26/99)

Brazil Revokes Amazon Clearing Ban (04/19/99)

We Are Eternally Tied To the Seasons (04/15/99)

Climate Affairs Program: A Notion Whose Time Has Come? (04/14/99)

Environment and War: What's Kosovo Got To Do With It? (04/06/99)

Mary for Senate-2000 (03/03/99)

Scientists Allay Fears that Antarctic Ice Sheet is Melting Away (01/12/99)

Is Global Warming a Problem? (12/18/98)

Africa Finds 'Lost' Crops (12/17/98)

El Niño as a Hazard-Spawner (11/30/98)

Hurricane Mitch: Foreign Assistance and Building a New Honduras for the 21st Century (11/17/98)

Chinese Floods: A Natural or a Man-Made Disaster? (08/29/98)

Does Forgiving Debt Mean Condoning Corruption? (An El Niño Example) (07/10/98)

The Last El Niño of the Millennium – The 1997-98 Event (05/01/98)

The El Niño Olympics, or The Search for the El Niño of the Century (04/15/98)

Shootout in Kyoto (11/19/97)

Prisoners of Poverty (11/05/97)

Counting Down to the Year 2000: The Millennium Frenzy is About to Begin (09/24/97)

Smoke-Free Zones: An American Innovation? (08/29/97)

Idea Banks .... An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (07/23/97)

São Paulo, Brazil – City of Helicopters (07/09/97)

Southern Brazil: Glimpsing the Future as Well as the Past (06/25/97)

Caviar from the Caspian .... To Be or Not To Be (06/11/97)

El Niño Cometh ... or Doth It? (05/28/97)

Environmental Education: Don't Shoot the Messenger! (05/14/97)

From Boulder to Bangkok ... to the Antarctic (04/30/97)

Modern Noah's Ark: Animal-Rescue Teams (04/16/97)

Who Watches the World's Environment? (04/02/97)

Dumbing Down America (11/20/96)

The Last Minute (11/04/96)

The Politics of World Climate (05/06/96)

Taking Science and Progress for Granted (02/26/96)

Saving Species Today Keeps Extinction Away (01/01/96)

A Noble Nobel Gesture (10/23/95)

Diverting Russian Rivers: An Idea That Won't Die (10/09/95)

Disaster Response as a Growth Industry (06/05/95)

Free Riders vs. Freeloaders (04/10/95)

In Central Asia: A Sea Dies, A Sea Also Rises (11/10/94)

Counter Force, Counter Value, Counter Earth (03/10/94)

Frontiers and Breadbaskets (01/27/94)