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Up Close & Personal

"Pheew!" on the New York Times and Pew Center Poll about Improvement of Life in Africa (8/1/07)

Is There a Lightning Rod on the White House? (04/06/05)

There's Something Fishy About Those Swift Boat Ads (08/22/04)

Nader's Neo-Raiders: The Times, They Are A-Changin' (08/03/04)

I Owe John Wayne an Apology (07/21/04)

From 59 to 60: What a Difference a Year Makes (08/21/03)

The Buck stops ... Where? (07/14/03)

"Whither thou goest..." (04/16/03)

E-mails are from Mars, Letters are from Venus (08/14/02)

Who to Audit? Mickey Glantz or WorldCom? (07/01/02)

Can Terrorists Be Too Successful? (09/19/01)

Lab Rats of the World Unite! (06/07/01)

Can Snoopy Bring Down a Plane? (06/06/01)

Out with the Old, In with the New (09/02/00)

Repatriating Elian Gonzalez: What's Hitler Got To Do With It? (01/26/00)

Demonstration in Cuba (01/14/00)

Dagestan: A Trip Report (01/04/00)

Environment and War: What's Kosovo Got To Do With It? (04/06/99)

Mary for Senate-2000 (03/03/99)