Mary for Senate — 2000

March 3, 1999
By Michael Glantz

Published on March 10, 1999 in The Wall Street Journal under the title:
A Great New Way to Earn Citizenship

Fragilecologies By Michael GlantzI've been in quandary for the past few months. I have been asked to prove that my mother (who came to America in 1912 through Ellis Island) is a citizen of the USA. She has lived in New York State for the past two years, having moved back from Florida to live with her daughter. She has received her mail in New York, paid property taxes in New York, etc. Yet Medicaid in New York wants even more proof that she lives in the state. In addition, despite the fact that she has voted in every national election since the 1920s, has had a Social Security number since such numbers were first given out, has filed income taxes for decades, and has been married to two American-born husbands, Medicaid also wants proof that she is an American citizen. But this is only part of the story.

Now, I hear on the news that First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton is thinking about running for a Senate seat in New York. She doesn't live there now, nor has she ever lived in that state. Yet, as long as she is a resident of New York on the day of the election, she can run for the Senate seat about to be vacated by Senator Moynihan. So, this means that, in order to get on the Medicaid rolls in New York, you must go through the bureaucratic equivalent of giving away your firstborn child, but you can show up on election day and become a Senator who represents millions of New Yorkers.

I guess the only easy solution in sight for me is to have my mother run for the Senate. In that way, at least her citizenship in the State of New York will have been granted.

Mary for Senate

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