Is Global Warming the Ultimate Reality Show?

Michael H. Glantz
23 June

Is Global Warming the Ultimate Reality Show?


In the United States, some people still do not believe that the climate of the globe is changing. Yet it is. It always has, in fact. But now it seems that human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels and tropical deforestation are increasing the amount of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. Hence, the atmosphere is warming up rapidly, because of us and not because of natural processes. What to do, given that the US economy, as well as the economies of all countries, developing as well as industrialized, are dependent on burning fossil fuels in the absence of the cheap availability of cleaner forms of energy.

The higher latitudes (the polar regions) are heating up faster than the mid-latitudes by a lot. So the Arctic region is showing major signs of warming, which now scares Native Americans, the Inuit, and those living in polar regions. The senators from Alaska support the increased extraction of oil from their state. A few senators consider global warming "the greatest hoax" ever put over on the American people. To me, Alaskans who are calling for more sucking of oil out of the ground as their state's climate drastically changes in unfavorable and likely surprising ways is like a person shooting himself in the foot with his own gun! Usually, when this happens in the movies it happens by accident. In this case it seems they are shooting themselves in the foot on purpose.

(Arctic warming graphic from and polar bear AP photo from

Arctic ecosystems and people dependent on them are like the proverbial "canary in the mine"!! Miners would keep an eye on the canary in a cage because th canaries are sensitive to deadly gas leaks, providing a warming to the miners to "get out of the mine."

So, The message could read as follows:



Re: Concerning global warming and negative impacts

Don't worry. It's a hoax.

P.S. I suspect the Inuit will question the messenger as well as the message.


--Michael H. Glantz

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