Republican’ts: a new emerging Republican Party in America?

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Published on October 21, 2009 with No Comments

Printed in “Letter to the Editor” Daily Camera (Boulder, Colorado)
September 22, 2009, p. 8A.

The right wing: Putting personal agendas first

Extreme right-wingers have acted against their own interests. They’d care if they took a long-term perspective. But, they don’t. They like winning small victories. However, the end result is that they will lose the proverbial war.

They (and ultra right-wingers like Glenn Beck) have hounded out of office activist Van Jones. The “rightees” dug up statements that Jones made years ago to which they took offence. In the mid-1600s France’s Cardinal Richelieu said “Give me six sentences by the most innocent of men and I will hang him with them.” Well, I guess some Republican obstructionists are using the Cardinal’s playbook on dealing with the Obama opposition!

But the “rightees” are not thinking things through. They got Jones to resign from working inside government bureaucracy. Inside government, Van Jones would have been silenced, unable to respond to the inflammatory diatribes about Obama’s political agenda. Instead they put him outside the controls of the Executive Branch, no longer a government bureaucrat, free again to challenge Republicans obstructionists. This suggests that talkshowboaters — like Beck, Savage, Reagan, and Limbaugh along with senators like Inhoff (R-Oklahoma) — are not true Republicans. They are spokespersons for an emerging new third party — Republican’ts — putting their personal agendas and hostilities ahead of the well-being of the American people.


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