Russia Grabs the Crimea…and More???. April 24, 2014 {My first BLOT (cross between Twitter and Blog)}.

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Russia Grabs the Crimea…and More??? {My first BLOT (cross between Twitter and Blog)}.
Mickey Glantz, April 24, 2014

Ok. So Putin’s Russia made a play to take over the Crimea, deemed to be important to it global power status because of its Black Sea naval facilities. But now we see “ultra pro-Russian nationalists acting out in the Eastern part of the Ukraine demanding support from Putin in the form of annexation peacefully if possible but militarily if necessary. Who will intervene actively to stop irredentism (redeeming the lost Russians ‘stuck’ under Ukraine rule. Ok, so after the continued balkanization of the Ukraine, what next?

I think the next step by Putin to protect threatened Russians living in a foreign country can occur in several places. the pretext for protecting Russians can be used to protect those in Russian enclaves in many countries, not only neighboring ones.

Let’s play out a far-fetched possibility. the European Union once challenged the fiscal responsibility of …Cyprus. sanctions were to be applied to the country which happens to be a haven for rich Russians and maybe and also serves as a way to get money out of the Russian Federation to foreign banks in Europe, America and elsewhere other than in Russia. Putin responds noting that Russians in Cyprus are at risk to anti Russian ultra-somethings and it is his obligation to protect them. it is a joke of course to suggest such a thing.

wherever Russians congregate becomes fair game for Putin?

wherever Russians congregate becomes fair game for Putin?

But a look back at Eastern Europe before WWI and especially between WWI and WWII highlights the fact that large percentages of populations in each country in the region were composed of sizable ethnic minorities from neighboring countries. Several of the leaders of those countries sought to repatriate their brethren on the other sides of their borders, borders that were re-drawn as a result of the breakup of 4 empires in the region. Little regard was paid by the victors of WWI to ethnicity and to the potential ethnic animosities and conflicts that would arise in future decades.

O'Keefe cartoon capture reality

O’Keefe cartoon capture reality

Putin’s arguments for taking the Crimea by duplicity and threat of force, now followed by similar (blatant, really) pursuits in the Eastern Ukraine under the guise of protecting Russian minority populations in neighboring countries, is in the name of national (ethnic, really) self determination. BUT, the same argument can be used by sizable ethnic minorities in Russia to bite the Putin in the proverbial butt as large minorities within its borders are making the same argument for self determination. while Putin professes to help oppressed Russians minorities in other countries to demand self determination (in Georgia, Moldova, Belarus), it stifles such demands in Chechnya and Dagestan for example. What hypocrisy. What imperialism. Stalin would be proud of Putin! Right now there is little that will stop him. It is a return to the geopolitics of the 1800s and 1900s!


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  1. i received an e-mail suggested that the blot was fine but that i did not any comment on what president obama should do. so, i am taking the opportunity to suggest the following idea with the view that no one, no country, can stop putin from taking over the ukraine:

    “Obama should link and compare the Russian opposition statements by putin about ukraine government attacking it’s own citizens in eastern Ukraine as the reason for it’s intervention into a sovereign country with Russian statements in support of the Syrian president killing his own people and blocking UN action by the security council to stop it.” Mickey Glantz

  2. I am not sure what the link is between fragile ecologies and geopolitics, but there could be one, real, or made up. Because we all know that if there is such a thing as “reality”, it is not necessarily the same as “truth” or “lies”, which both have to be made up. One truth is that NATO was created to counter the threat of the USSR. It would have been logical to abolish NATO after the end of the threat in 1990 or so. What have we done instead? We’ve expanded NATO east until it reached right under the nose of Russia. So who’s threatening whom? Whether Putin is a good guy or a bad guy is irrelevant. We had a chance to build a more peaceful world, but we have missed it. Same thing in the Middle East: we used to have a couple of dictators (and still have one!) and relative stability. We’ve messed it up and continue doing so. What’s wrong with us? Do death and instablity and global insecurity benefit someone?

    • Dear Rene, I agree with your comment. one can trace the current cold war between russia and the west+east europe to a lack of the two are in conflict heading toward a confrontation in syria. the circum-middle east region is a clear military, political quagmire. only comrpomise can work at a time when there is none between Russia and the USA & allies, nor is there any in the American political quagmire that exists within its borders.
      but obama’s mistakes in diplomacy do not excuse putin’s land grabs (eg, georgia ukraine) and regional bullying of circum-russia countries. Russia is just an oil producer with a lot of nuclear missiles and materials and a Putin who’d like to be Napoleon-like. also, i think NATO lost its way. it has tried to replace the defunct and failed CENTO which no one remembers!! thanks Rene for your comment. spot on! mickey

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