Global Warming: Stakeholders can’t see the forest for the trees.

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Published on January 27, 2012 with 5 Comments

Each tree represent an organization or perspective about the climate change issue. Without looking at the big picture — climate change as a global phenomenon — one’s views are distorted by what is going on only in one’s surroundings. This is an obvious play on the adage that “one can not see the big picture because they are thinking locally,” that is, that one cannot see the forest because the trees are in the way!

I tried to see why it has been so difficult to get the US political leaders to take action to cope with the causes of climate change, primarily the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and less so tropical deforestation.

Maybe you can come up with a different graphic about this situation? To download a PDF enlargement of the this forest image just click on the photo above.


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  1. My graphic for “why it has been so difficult to get the US political leaders to take action to cope with the causes of climate change” is simple: A load of dollar signs going from fossil fuel interests into the politicians.

  2. because man made global warming is a hoax. the earths temperature has been fluctuating for as long as it has been in existence and will probably continue to do so.
    latest scientific findings suggest we are heading for a period of cooling not warming and the level of CO2 in the atmosphere does not influence the temperature anywhere near the the level of influence of the sun and the oceans. The IPCC has been exposed for fraudulent findings and “so called” peer reviews actually written by students with no experience in the climate related sciences. Their models are flawed and their deceit has been exposed as a purposeful agenda to create a worldwide threat in order to bring all countries of the world under the same fear and control.

    try these links if you are prepared to accept the truth

    • WOW, so david, don’t hold back. tell me how you perceive the global warming debate? look david the fact is that neither you nor other flatearthers (aka deniers NOT open-minded SKEPTICS) not the true believers in climate change will alter their views come hell or high waters.

      the recent hacking of the Heartland Institute shows the real hoax. the red button to me is the use of the word “HOAX.” you use it for scientists who study global warming because they are making a career out of it milking the issue for personal gain (by the way lindzen’s career has been enhanced as was trenberth’s or gore’s by beating the global warming horse). but your deniers (not the true skeptics of scientific inquiry) are awfully silent on the coal and oil industry’s funding of your spokespeople. in fact their mission as recently exposed in Heartland stuff has been one of sowing dysinformation.

      you are probably intelligent about something but your blinders and arguemtns are opposed to what reality calls for, an open thinking, evaluating mind.

      personally i think the pro warming scientists make a better argument than you do. i was studying the cooling of the early to mid 1970s and it was convincing. now the warming is convincing with a lot more study backing it up. i am not a fan of the IPCC and refused to work on anyone after the first report in 1990 but your diatribe adds nothing to the clarification of the issue.SAD that so many on the extremes can’t see the trees let alone the forest.

      i let you have your say to show that there are still people who say “facts be damned.” the earth is not flat and it was not created 6000 years ago. meanwhile i will go back to trying to make someone’s life better each day.

      open at least one eye.

      thanks for visiting here. we’ve chatted before.

  3. Global warming, as you may already be on familiar terms with is the process that describes the earth?s temperature climb. This rise in heat is as of greenhouse grasses. Although international warming might not have a important collision on top of your life, it is likely to have a enormous and probably devastating collision lying on the lives of your children, their children, and future generations to come. For that reason, lots of educators are attractive the time to educate their students on universal warming. In fact, you may live astounded immediately how rapidly these lessons start. When it comes to comprehensive warming and schools, you will locate that international warming is being qualified by the side of a much former period. -;

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  4. Nobody wants it to be true so some people diismss the idea emotionally.Those against usually cite natural variations are causing the earth to warm up. Many of these favor solar variations; however the sun hasn’t varied that much. Satellites have measured the sun’s output very accurately for the last 3 solar cycles (approximately in 11 years in length). The net change is too small to measure. Scientists know a lot of natural variations but none of them can produce the current pattern of warming.If you want to see all the arguments, and why the errors, distortions, confusions and lies behind them, go to skeptical science.

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